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Items Your Government Resume Must Include

When applying for a government job, it’s important to know what to include in your resume as well as knowing the formatting. Government resumes require more information and details than the average resume; therefore, submitting a resume of two to three pages in length is expected.

1.    Personal Information

All of the same information you would normally include:

•    Full name at the top of the page (in a larger font)
•    Mailing address
•    E-mail address
•    Phone number (cell phone and home phone)

Plus additional details:

•    Under the header, include the job number for which you’re applying    
•    Country of citizenship
•    Social Security Number
•    Military status, if applicable

2.    Objective

Below your personal details and contact information, write a couple of sentences about why you’re interested in the position, along with why you would be a good fit.

3.    Government Experience

If you have previously worked for the government, include the department, supervisor’s name, along with the highest grade achieved.

4.    Work Experience

As with a normal resume, you need to include a list of your work experience.
Beginning with the most current, include the following details about every job or internship you’ve held:

•    Business or Company Name, City, State
•    Name of Position(s) Held
•    Dates Worked (Use month, year format: Apr. 2009 – Sep. 2010)
•    Average Amount of Hours Worked (10 hrs/week, 40 hours/week, etc)
•    Pay (Hourly or Salary)
•    Supervisor’s Details (Name and phone number)
•    Summary of Job Responsibilities and Duties (The majority of government supervisors prefer to see a list in bullet form consisting of four-eight duties)

5.    Education

In reverse chronological order, include all universities or institutions attended. Have transcripts on hand for every degree listed.

•    School name, city, state
•    Major and anticipated date of graduation (for example, May 2012)
•    Relevant coursework
•    Awards (Honor societies, Dean’s List, etc)

6.    Volunteer Experience

Write any volunteer experience just as you did work experience, again, beginning with the most current. Be sure to include contact details for project supervisors, and list any relevant duties with bullet points.

7.    Awards and Recognition

Using a bulleted list, include all accolades you have received that pertain to the job you’re applying for. Do not include a lengthy list of noble awards that are irrelevant.

8.    Knowledge and Skills (sometimes required)

Check the job description before you submit your resume, as some government jobs require a summary of relevant skills.  If required, make a list of five points.

9.    References

Include 1-3 professional references, such as work supervisors not already mentioned; professors, counselors, coaches, pastors, etc. Be sure to disclose the following information for every reference:

•    Name
•    Job Title or Role
•    Contact details (such as phone number or e-mail address)

Additional Tips

Be sure to check the job description for any additional details you may need to include in your resume. Also, be aware that the government has taken to using software to sift through applications that are average and similar. Take the time to make your government application as complete and accurate as possible, and allow friends or colleagues to proofread it for any errors.