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Reviews of resume writers specializing in preparing government resumes. Find a government resume writer to express your work history, skills, and training in the best possible light.

Federal Government Resume Writers

If you have never applied for a job through the federal government, then you may not know about the differences between federal government resume writing and traditional resume creation.  A federal government resume has a specific format that must be followed and requires a lot more detailed information.  Here is a quick look at some important differences that you absolutely must aware of when starting the federal government resume writing process.

Information About the Job
The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to include very detailed information about the job that you are applying for.  This includes things like the job identification number, job grade, and the title of every federal government job that you are interested in.  This will ensure that your resume is passed on to all of the appropriate departments.

Personal Information
With a regular resume, you would include basic information such as your name and contact information.  When you hire a government resume writer, you must also include things like your social security number, civilian grade, and reinstatement eligibility.

Education vs. Experience
With a normal resume, your previous experience will often count much more than your education, unless you are just out of school.  Even then, internships and previous experience is a huge benefit.  With federal government resume writing, your previous education is much more important.  You should list everything in chronological order, starting from high school.  You must not only include the name of the institution, but also the city, type of degree, and year that you received it.  You should also highlight all of your major subjects as well as the amount of credits that you have earned in them.  It is also important to point out that using bullet points is not widely accepted on government resumes, unlike civilian resumes, which are almost entirely bullet pointed.

Keep It Separate From Your KSA
A big problem that a lot of people run into with federal government resume writing is that the resume and the KSA tend to greatly overlap.  These two documents should be treated completely differently.  While they will have some similar information, they should combine to provide as much information as possible.  While some examples can be used to describe your previous work experience on your resume, this type of content is often better suited to the KSA.  Also, you need to make sure that you mention your KSA in your resume.  

Don't Worry About Length
With a regular resume, it should be one or two pages.  But government resume writers will strive to make your resume somewhere between 6 and 10 pages.  This is because almost everything needs to be written in a narrative form, rather than an outline.  

When looking at the final product, there are more differences than similarities between traditional resumes and federal government resume writing.  By ignoring these differences, you leave yourself with zero chance of getting federal employment.  In the end, with a government resume, more really is more in terms of both details and length.