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    Here's some issues to keep in mind for the 2012 presidential election.

    Writing Your First Government Resume

    To apply for a government job, it is important to have a clear idea of the position you want and the required skills, education, and experience. You will need an organized job resume to showcase your strengths and demonstrate your suitability for the target position. Here are some helpful tips for preparing your first government resume.

    How to Make Your Government Resume Stand Out

    When you know how to make your resume stand out, you’ll have a much better chance of landing that prime government position.

    Finding And Applying For Federal Government Jobs

    It is often assumed that getting a job with the Federal Government in the United States is virtually impossible. Those who hold this viewpoint see the government as some untouchable force which no ordinary person can hope to be a part of. However, this is plainly incorrect.

    The Five Points of a Winning Government Resume

    Government resumes follow a clear format with a header of personal information, job number, objective, government experience, work experience, education, volunteer experience, awards, and references. They will occasionally ask for a summary of skills as well. Following a consistent, accepted format is important to getting a foot in the door for the first round of consideration. It is well-known that resumes that stick out too much, or don't follow the format wind up in the trash. Here are five ways to get that resume noticed by the busy interviewer.

    Government Resume Mistakes to Avoid

    Government resumes are much different than private sector resumes, especially when considering format, and information given. Certainly, private sector and government resumes will have information that crosses over, but there are items that would normally go on a private sector resume that simply do not belong or are inappropriate on a government one.

    Items Your Government Resume Must Include

    When applying for a government job, it’s important to know what to include in your resume as well as knowing the formatting. Government resumes require more information and details than the average resume; therefore, submitting a resume of two to three pages in length is expected.

    Government Resume Cover Letter

    Just as a standard resume and a government resume are different, so too are a standard resume cover letter and a government resume cover letter. While both are important, a government resume cover letter is of utmost importance as there are fewer who are typically considered for a government job as opposed to a civilian job.

    Trying to Become Realty Specialist for the BLM

     Do you have any suggestions/secrets as to how I can get my foot in the door with the BLM for an interview??

    Government Resume Guidelines

    Because going to work for the Government is totally different then going to work in the private sector it therefore makes sense that a Government resume will be totally different as well. In order to give yourself the best possible chance at landing the Government position of your dreams you have to be sure that you are following proper guidelines with your Government resume.