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Best Cities to Find Government Jobs


If you are in the market for finding a government job it helps to know which cities are the best when it comes to hiring for a government job. While it is true that Washington DC is the top place to secure a government job, there are also other metro area cities across the country that boast a high number of government jobs that are available year in and year out.

While many smaller cities do offer government jobs in a plentiful fashion, there is little comparison to some of the top metro areas across the country. This is of course due to the sheer size of these metropolitan areas. If you are serious about finding government work then you may want to consider the following ten locations:

•    Washington DC: Still tops for supplying government jobs in 2008, Washington DC saw almost 1.5 million job postings. This is no surprise as Washington DC is home too much of the governmental work that goes on in this country.
•    San Antonio, Texas: This may come as a shock to some, but in 2008 San Antonio lagged only the Capitol and saw nearly 350,000 postings. While the second place tally is not nearly as impressive as the first place tally, the number of postings still shows a good amount of opportunities.
•    Atlanta, Georgia: Always in the top percentile, Atlanta also posts quite a few government job listings and in 2008 had close to 320,000.
•    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Home to the Liberty Bell and steeped in government background, Philadelphia saw just over 190,000 job postings in 2008.
•    New York, New York: Here’s one you would have expected to be higher on the list. New York had almost 181,000 government job postings in 2008.
•    Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas: The second metropolitan area for Texas, Dallas/Ft. Worth was just below New York in 2008 postings with about 180,000.
•    Baltimore, Maryland: Baltimore is home to many government job opportunities and in 2008 there were almost 175,000 postings.
•    Tampa, Florida: In the mood for a warmer climate that still offers plenty of government jobs? Tampa had nearly 170,000 postings in 2008 and plenty of warm weather to go with it.
•    Chicago, Illinois: The Windy City saw about 1,000 less postings then Tampa in 2008.
•    Los Angeles, California: LA is tenth on the list and you would think with its size and population it would have been higher. In 2008, LA saw almost 150,000 postings for government work.

While finding any work these days is becoming increasingly difficult, finding a government job is made a bit easier if you know what cities are the best for supplying those government jobs. As you can see, there is a wide variety of cities to choose from that have a large number of government job postings each and every year. This is not to say that you are guaranteed a government job in one of these cities, but if there are more available then it stands to reason that your chances of landing one will be greater.

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