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Ever since the traditional Federal application was eliminated it has become more important than ever to be sure that your Federal Government resume is up to speed and one company that can help you in that area is Employment911. Why should you use a resume writing service? Because there is so much weight put on the Government resume, it is imperative that it be top notch. This cannot be accomplished by simply going with your standard resume, as Government resumes need to be formatted in a certain way. If your Government resume is not written in the proper format containing the proper text and keywords, it will likely be overlooked as fast at is hits the reviewer’s desk. Add to that the fact that KSAs must accompany most Government resumes and you begin to see why using a pro might be a good idea.

Using Employment911 is easy and very effective. The writers at Employment911 have been writing Government resumes for over 30 years now and the company boasts a 93 percent success rate. Here is how the process works:

•    Order and Pay:
Go onto Employemt911’s website and order and pay for your service. Getting started is fast and easy. You can opt for just a resume or pay a little more and Employement911 will also help you prepare your KSAs.
•    Provide Your Info: Once you have paid for your service you simply e-mail in your current resume and other relevant information and it will then be supplied to your own personal resume writer. The resume writer will be in contact with you through a special desktop that the company will set up for you so you can be sure that everything is running smoothly with your Government resume. During the process your personal resume writer may also get in touch with you if they need further information about you.
•    Review and Approve: The Company can have your Government resume for you in as little as 12 hours or as long as 3 to 5 business days. You determine the urgency of the turnaround time and if you need it faster, you simply pay a little extra. Once your Government resume is completed it will be sent to you via e-mail and you will then review it and either approve it or have the writer make changes.

Employemnt911 goes one step above the rest and will guarantee their work. They will adhere to any rules and regulations in regards to the position in which you are applying for and guarantee that your resume will be accepted and never rejected. If it is ever rejected for any reason, they will re-write your Government resume for free.

Writing resumes is hard; writing Government resumes is a near impossibility. With so many factors going into Government resumes and the fact that they mean more sometimes to you getting a Government job then the actual interview itself, you owe it to yourself to have the best Government resume possible. Face it, writing resumes is not your job, but it is the job of the professional Government resume writers at Employement911 so take advantage of their vast knowledge and knowhow.

Learn more at Employment911.


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