Finding a Government Job – Offline is the Key

    Before you can polish up your Government resume and start practicing what you will say at your Government job interview you have to know where to find a Government job opportunity and many times offline is the key. This may take some getting used to terms of thinking as many people these days find anything and everything they are looking for online through the wonderful World Wide Web. While the Internet remains a great source to look for a Government job it should be complimented greatly with an offline search as well.

    There are several ways to go about looking for a Government job offline and the method that best suits you will all be determined by the type of person you are. Here are some different ways in which you can work the offline angle in an effort to find a Government job:

    •    Network:
    No this doesn’t mean ‘computer network.’ This means networking with anyone and everyone you know and getting the fact that you are seeking a Government job out there. This is where you have to really rack your brain. Who do you know that might be able to help you in your Government job search? Perhaps a friend who is already working for the government at any level? This type of friend could prove to be n invaluable resource as they will know the process of getting a Government job and may be able to point you in the right direction as far to where to look and who to talk to.
    •    Government Buildings: If you live near a Government building then it definitely pays to take the time and visit. There you will almost always find a bulletin board that has postings of Government jobs available right in your own back yard. If you have trouble finding this ask the receptionist at the help desk where in the building it is. They will show you where to find the bulletin board and may also be able to tell you what other Government buildings in the area have the same thing. These bulletin boards are a great way to get a jump on the competition because the job postings usually go up on the bulletin board before they go live online and some never make it to the web whatsoever.
    •    Job Fairs: Yes the Government takes advantage of job fairs too. A job fair can be a wonderful opportunity for you to not only see what Government jobs are available, but they also allow you the opportunity to ask questions directly to the recruiters themselves. This is a golden opportunity for you to find out what a specific job will entail, what will be expected of you, and what the review board will be looking for. It also gives you yet another opportunity to network.

    Going online is great and it certainly saves a huge amount of time and energy for many instances, but it has its place. If you want to find a Government job you have to pull out all the stops. Not only should you be conducting your hunt online but you should also be getting out of your cocoon and conducting your search offline as well; and offline is really the key.

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