Government Resume Cover Letter

    Just as a standard resume and a government resume are different, so too are a standard resume cover letter and a government resume cover letter. While both are important, a government resume cover letter is of utmost importance as there are fewer who are typically considered for a government job as opposed to a civilian job.

    If you are attempting to obtain your dream government job then you know the importance of your government resume being in top notch shape. Unfortunately what many overlook is that the government resume cover letter is just as important, if not more so, than the actual government resume because it is the cover letter that will convince someone to look at the actual resume.

    Here is the standard layout of a government resume cover letter:

    •    Personal Info: Start off your government resume cover letter with your name and your address. If you like you can bold your name, but keep the bold to minimum. Follow this with the date underneath.
    •    Who You Wish to Receive it: If there is a section manager that you know will be receiving resumes then you will want to put their name next. Follow their name with the branch of government in which you are applying to and follow that with the address of where you are attempting to gain your government employment.
    •    Body of Cover Letter: The body of your government resume cover letter should be kept to only a few paragraphs. Don’t get too drawn out and rather stay concise with your information. Avoid trying to oversell yourself and provide just enough information to get whoever receives your resume to look at it.
    •    Thanks and Consideration: You should always end your government resume cover letter by thanking the person who will be reading it for their time and consideration and be sure to sign your cover letter as well.

    A general rule of thumb with a government resume is to be clear and get to the point. Do not make your government resume cover letter longer than one page as you can very easily lose the attention of whoever it is who will be reviewing it. You only want to wet their appetites and not give them a full meal so to speak. That is what your actual government resume is for.

    However, you do want to show on your government resume cover letter that you do have the expertise needed in order to fill the job posting that you are applying for. It’s also a good idea to give the times that you are available for an interview and most off all, do not forget to give a phone number and an e-mail address as well. As silly as it seems to mention that, you would be shocked as to how many people inadvertently omit that type of information.

    A well written government resume cover letter will give you the best possible shot at getting some eyeballs on your actual government resume. By taking your time, including everything that needs to be included, and writing a cover letter that is compelling without being too long, you may just realize your government dream job faster than you ever thought possible.

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