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Just as a government job differs from a private sector job, so too does a government resume from a regular resume which means that you must know the proper government resume format. A government resume format is the way that your government resume must be written in order to be considered for the government job you are seeking. If it is not formatted properly you may not even get reviewed no matter how qualified you may be.

There are seven things that need to be included in your government resume format and these are:

1.    Personal information: This goes beyond your name, phone number and address. Along with the typical information you should also include your social security number and your country of origin. If you were honorable discharged from the military, this should also be included as you may be eligible for veteran’s preference. If you have ever worked at the government level this should be included and you should put down the highest level you achieved as well as your reinstatement eligibility.
2.    Job information: Here is where you put information about the job you are applying for. Include the title, grade, series, and job announcement number if available.
3.    Experience: This is your opportunity to make yourself stand out. When approaching the experience portion of the government resume you should make sure that all the information given is relevant to the job you are applying for.
4.    Professional history: Much like in a regular resume this is where you will list all the jobs you have previously held in chronological order beginning with your most recent. In addition to the standard dates worked, employer name, number, and address, you must also list your average hours worked, your salary, your supervisor’s name, and you must give your consent for that supervisor to be contacted. You will also have to give a brief summary of the job and list your duties. Most government employers want to see between four to eight duties listed in bullet format.
5.    Education: This is the section of your government resume where you will list all degrees you have earned in order from your most recent and then working backward. Be sure to include the year the degree was received, the name and location of the school, and of course what type of degree you received. Check the job description to see if your college transcript is required.
6.    Additional training: Again list the most recent first and then work back. Include the date the training was completed, how many hours were spent training, and the name and location of the training center and or school.
7.    Other qualifications: Listed last on the government resume, you should include any and all awards, certifications, presentations, and publications that qualify you for the job which you are applying for. Remember start with the most recent.

As you can see putting together a government resume is a much different format than that of a regular resume. While it is more time consuming to put together, having a well written government resume in the proper format will help you to stand out from the rest of the applicants and thus increase your chances of landing a government job.

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