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Government Resume Writing Tips


Government resume writing needs to be clear, concise and to the point. More than that though, your government resume has to be relevant to the Federal job you are applying for. With the upcoming phasing out of the KSAs it is now more important than ever to make sure that your government resumes is a custom fit for the position you seek.

Here are some government resume writing tips to remember when preparing yours:

•    Mold your government resume: Adapt your government resume to fit the position you are applying for. Nothing is a quicker death when seeking a Federal job than a resume that has no relevance to the position. This will increase in importance once the KSAs are totally phased out.
•    Keep it clear: You definitely want your government resume to stand out, but don’t get carried away. Use words and phrases that are clear cut, concise, and to the point. Don’t get caught up using phrases that are too complex as this can vex a potential Federal employer.
•    Condense: Instead of long drawn out paragraphs, fill your government resume with indented bullet points and focused statements. The idea is to get the potential Federal employer to read your entire resume and not to bore them.
•    Highlight your strengths: Mention your relevant strengths in any way you can. This may be done by more than job experience, like with volunteer work you have done or your specific education background. If you have a chance to mention a relevant strength, do so.
•    Eliminate irrelevant information: Even if the information is favorable to you, if it has absolutely no relevance to the Federal job you are applying for, don’t bother with it.
•    Avoid clutter: If you are reading something you want it to be easy to read and not cluttered up right? The same goes for the individuals reviewing your government resume. Be sure to use spaces between sections and use headings to organize all of the different details on your government resume. An easy to read resume will get reviewed long before one that is cluttered.
•    Don’t lie: This is a good rule of thumb for anything in life, but especially when writing your government resume. There is nothing wrong with making yourself sound good, but be careful that you don’t exaggerate the truth or flat out lie. The last thing you want is to get flagged for lying as this will no doubt lead to you looking elsewhere for employment.
•    Use keywords and phrases: Use keywords and phrases that Federal employers like to see. A government resume chalk full of these keywords and phrases will get more looks and thus more of a consideration for the position.

Remember, your government resume is your story and if not told properly you will find yourself on the outside looking in. With the soon to come phasing out of the KSAs, individuals will now have to be sure that their government resumes are up to speed. Ensuring that you have a well written and good looking government resume will ensure that you get more interviews, which will lead to the Federal job that you have always longed for.

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