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Trying to Become Realty Specialist for the BLM

I have been in residential real estate for the past 20 years and was recently laid off.  Since it looks like I need to change my carreer, my goal is to become a Realty Specialist for the BLM however; everything I have applied for gets the same response - "This is to notify you that you were not referred for the position".

 Do you have any suggestions/secrets as to how I can get my foot in the door for an interview??  My dad worked for the government for over 35 years about 16 years ago but the hiring process seems to have changed alot.  Any suggestions you have for me would be greatly appreciated.

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Said this on 4-28-2010 At 08:15 am

I am also a residential realtor, recently laid off and have been applying for a Realty Specialist position with the federal.  Any advise would be appreciated

Said this on 7-2-2010 At 10:56 pm

Yes, it is tuff to break into this field. I have been a construction manager for 13 years and I have a bachelors degree in Business, and I to keep getting "not refered" status. I think like everything else, you need to know somebody. I have applied to several positions with the blm and government and it is tuff right now, for everybody is trying to get these positions. I can not even get an interview for positions making 25% of what I used to make. Good luck.

Said this on 7-2-2010 At 11:09 pm

If you gals are realtors, how do you get laid off? I thought realtors all worked as independent contractors on commision, not a salary?  

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