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      Finding Government Jobs

      For many people, even applying for a job with the U.S Government is a waste of their time because they erroneously believe that it’s exceptionally difficult with only a small amount of vacancies available for a huge number of candidates. In actual fact, there are almost 2 million people in government jobs in the United States with approximately 10% of these individuals working in Washington D.C. There more than 400 occupational specialties which means the Federal Government has a greater range of jobs than any other employer in the nation.


      The General Schedule (GS) pay scale is used to decide the salaries of government jobs. Although the average salary when all Federal Government jobs are taken into account is approximately $54,000 per annum, wages vary widely depending on the sector. For example, entry level employees in civil service jobs may start at less than $20,000 a year but can expect these wages to rise with experience. There are a number of government jobs that fall into the ‘hard to fill’ category and as expected, the financial rewards for these openings are extremely generous.

      The Process

      You apply for Federal Government jobs in the same way as you would when seeking a job in any part of the private sector. As there are strict regulations designed to ensure that the hiring process is fair, finding and applying for federal jobs can be more complicated than standard jobs. You need to search for specific openings at Contact agencies and look for information about specific hiring programs. Don’t just look at job titles as government jobs may be advertised in a different manner to regular jobs. Pay close attention to keywords, location and occupational group. Check the required qualifications before hiring and submit your resume. Many agencies will offer online resume forms but if they also accept paper forms, you can fill out the OF-612 application or use the online resume builder found on the USA Jobs website. Your resume will need to contain standard personal details including social security number, college degrees and other educational achievements, employment history and if you have previous government job experience, you will need to give details.


      It takes longer to receive a response when applying for a government job than in a regular job application because of the huge number of candidates that apply for government jobs and also due to the applicant ranking process which is a legal requirement. If an agency uses an automated hiring system, it’s possible to log into the employment site and check the status of the application. The interview process itself is the same as for any other job though you’ll need to arrive early as security checks will take a few minutes. If you are selected, you will receive a phone call from a human resources specialist. Although salaries are already set by law, you can ask for benefits with experienced workers placed on the higher end of the pay scale. The first day involves signing an oath of office and officially becoming a public servant. Government jobs are generally secure with trustworthy and loyal employees benefiting from improved benefits and salary.