Resume Services

      Your resume is a list of your experiences, skills, training, and education. But it is also more than that. Your resume is a document advertising you and your professional accomplishments.  Big companies spend large amounts of money for advertising campaigns to promote their product or service. Similarly, you need to invest a large amount of effort to promote yourself.  Companies do market research, conduct focus groups, and new ideas – all to get your attention.  Your resume is your only way to get the attention of a hiring manager.  

      Professional resume services write resumes, every day.  It can be difficult for most individuals to choose a resume format and skillfully articulate their work experiences and accomplishments in written form. Resume services are familiar with all types of formats and can transform your resume in ways that highlight your key points.  They create resumes for all industries and all experience levels every day. A professional resume service knows how to make your resume visually stand out.

      Resume services that have professional writers who specialize in preparing government resumes are listed below.

      • Resume Edge - The certified government resume service knows the government application process.
      • Resumes Planet - The Resumes Planet government resume service is very familiar with the complex hiring process used by the federal government.
      • Employment911 - The professional government resume writing service is specialized in government resumes, KSA's and government job applications.


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