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Government Resume Cover Letter

Just as a standard resume and a government resume are different, so too are a standard resume cover letter and a government resume cover letter. While both are important, a government resume cover letter is of utmost importance as there are fewer who are typically considered for a government job as opposed to a civilian job.

Trying to Become Realty Specialist for the BLM

 Do you have any suggestions/secrets as to how I can get my foot in the door with the BLM for an interview??

Government Resume Guidelines

Because going to work for the Government is totally different then going to work in the private sector it therefore makes sense that a Government resume will be totally different as well. In order to give yourself the best possible chance at landing the Government position of your dreams you have to be sure that you are following proper guidelines with your Government resume.

Finding a Government Job – Offline is the Key

Before you can polish up your Government resume and start practicing what you will say at your Government job interview you have to know where to find a Government job opportunity and many times offline is the key.

Top Five Questions about KSA Writing

KSAs are a very important piece of the Government job puzzle as they will be looked at by reviewers in order to determine who the best candidates for a specific job.

What is Resumix and How do I Use it?

Agencies such as the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and the Department of Commerce now rely on a resume system known as Resumix to aid in the hiring process. The implementation of this system was done to help ease the recruitment process on both the recruit and the recruiter side.

Who Can Apply for Federal Government Jobs?

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and other government websites ask questions before you are considered for a federal job. One of these questions has to do with your “status” – which basically is asking if you have worked for the government before or are a member of a certain class of applicants.

Writing Great KSA Factor Responses

When applying for a government job, you’ll probably have to submit KSA responses.  KSAs are narrative responses demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and abilities.  In order to be considered for a position you’ll need use your past education, employment, and experiences to form well crafted responses.

Sample Administrative Resume

Sample administrative government resume.

Sample Business Resume

Sample business government resume.

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